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Emma + Ollie


Founded in 2018 and housed in a charming historic house in Fredericksburg, Texas, Emma + Ollie serves up breakfast, lunch, brunch and award-winning baked goods in the vein of elevated southern comfort food. Chef Rebecca Rather builds her menu from as many local sources as possible and changes things up according to what is fresh and in season. 

Named for two favorite relatives—Rebecca's own great-aunt and her business partner’s grandmother, the brand straddles modern and nostalgic aesthetics using color, pattern and wit.

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Hoefler's Landmark and Whitney faces lend the brand clean sophistication. Custom silhouettes were commissioned of Emma, Ollie and a gentleman to use in collateral and as restroom signage.

E+O top brand screen
E+O brand elements
E+O menus and cards

Menu design was tailored to be quick and easy to change and reprint locally. 

The real Emma + Ollie both make appearances on business cards and on social media.

E+O benedict

Breakfast service starts at 7:30am and baked goods change daily and sell out quick. Because of this guests are encouraged to get there early and come back often. We shortened this message to a tagline, EARLY + OFTEN, and used it on the front door, menus, matches and stickers.

E+O front door
E+O matches
E+O sticker bags

A range of stickers were created for take-out baked goods packaging.

E+O front counter

Simplifying complex ideas.

Simplifying complex ideas.

Simplifying complex ideas.

© Copyright 508 Creative 2020

© Copyright 508 Creative 2020