The Contemporary Austin Laguna Gloria Arrival Garden Signage


The Contemporary Austin comprises two locations: the Jones Center on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, and Laguna Gloria, a fourteen-acre, art-in-nature destination that includes the historic Driscoll Villa, the Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park, the Art School at Laguna Gloria, and the Moody Pavilions. Designed by Trahan Architects of New Orleans, with landscape design by Reed Hilderbrand of Boston, the Moody Pavillions consist of two compact modern steel and glass structures, which house a café and museum shop, and outdoor terraces along a shaded pathway at the property’s entrance. 
The natural beauty of the site and elegant simplicity of the structures dictated a minimal approach for building identification and discrete wayfinding signs.



The main entrance to the arrival garden is indicated by a two-sided, back-lit sign built into a low concrete wall. 


Dimensional aluminum letterforms and custom symbols affix directly to the structure's stunning core-ten exterior panels.



In addition to identification and wayfinding, the museum staff needed a third sign type that could accommodate last-minute printed notices and be moved around the arrival garden. We created a trio of painted bent-steel sandwich boards to fit the bill. 


A series of directional blade signs guide visitors to the arrival garden, parking and art school offices.  


The back side of most directional blades are branded with the capital 'A' from The Contemporary's wordmark.

Simplifying complex ideas.

Simplifying complex ideas.

Simplifying complex ideas.

© Copyright 508 Creative 2020

© Copyright 508 Creative 2020